SHC seeks details of funds and taxes of oil, gas companies


KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Thursday expressed annoyance on gas and oil firms for not carrying out proper welfare development programmes in local areas where they operate while seeking a record of accounts and taxes of a private oil and gas company.

The SHC was hearing a petition of contempt of court filed by a citizen, Aftab Bajkani, against oil and gas companies working in Sindh.

The court sought the details of social welfare benefits given to locals during the last 59 years by a company that operates gas wells in a backward area of the province.

The bench informed that some government officials give benefits of millions of rupees for paltry personal interests.

The court also sought the copies of agreements of sinking and operating oil and gas wells in certain areas of the province.

The petitioner stated that these companies were not implementing court orders of cooperating for the social welfare and development of local areas.

The petitioner stated that there are while there are 90 officers in the Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) and only three of them are locals.