ITP advises twin cities to tune into 92.4 FM for traffic updates


ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) on Thursday advised the residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad to follow ITP’s media channel FM 92.4 for getting updated information of prevailing road conditions and in the twin cities.

Talking to APP, ITP spokesperson Shams Gill said that the road situation is tumultuous as at present main junctions including Faizabad Interchange, Koral Chowk, Athal Chowk, Taramri Chowk, and Chungi number 26 which were blocked due to the presence of some protesters although the road condition was changing with the developing situation.

He said that citizens must tune into the FM 92.4 radio channel in their cars as ITP officials were broadcasting traffic  updates every  five minute, as per the growing scenario. He said that the citizens should also follow the traffic plan issued by ITP which contains alternate routes for commuters stuck at various roads and interchanges of the twin cities.

Gill informed that road accessibility to Islamabad is available through Pirwadhai Road, IJP Road and 9th avenue that falls on Agha Shahi Avenue, all of which are clear for traffic; however, there was no connectivity available at Faizabad and the motorway up to the new airport and Islamabad. “The alternate routes available for these obstructed roads are through Grand Trunk (GT) Road to IJP Road, Faqir Apee Road and 9th avenue,” he told APP.

Gill further said that traffic from Murree to Islamabad was also clogged due to the blockage at Athal Chowk; however, a two way traffic flow to Murree and Islamabad has been managed at the route to ensure smooth flow of traffic. “Tramari Chowk, which was open  earlier, was also blocked and had no alternate route for traffic,” he added.

“Local residents are familiar with the vicinity and can mange through link routes; however, outsiders can use Lethrar Road and Banni Gala Road to reach Shehzad Town and then get on the same route to get outside of the locality,” he further said.

He informed that Serena Chowk and France Chowk were choked, “The alternate way to Red Zone is only Margalla Road,” he told while adding that Aabpara residents could use Fazl-e-Haq Road and Kulsoom Plaza Road for reaching their offices and destinations.

For office employees heading home from work, he said that they should use the 9th avenue, IJP Road and Peshawar Road, especially if they are travelling between the two cities which is clear for traffic movement.

He said that the citizens should avoid unnecessary journeys owing to the prevalent law and order situation in the federal capital as well as, in other cities as a sudden situation could cause serious life and property loss.

Furthermore, Rawalpindi City Traffic Police (CTP) officials informed that due to the blockage of Faizabad Intersection, the traffic diversion has been turned into a double road from near Nawaz Sharif Park to all the way up to 9th Avenue whereas, all other routes including IJP and others were reported to be clear for traffic.

“Due to a heavy flow of traffic from other choked routes there was excess of load on the roads which was amicably managed by CTP wardens and teams. No serious traffic mess or obstruction was reported in the city,” he concluded.