Govt adopting adequate measures to combat pollution, smog: minister


–Met office asks citizens to avoid burning tyres, garbage to counter smog

LAHORE: Punjab Minister for Industries, Commerce and Investment Mian Aslam Iqbal on Thursday said the government was adopting adequate measures to combat pollution and smog across the province.

“A crackdown has been launched against those causing air and environmental pollution,” he added while speaking to APP.

“Smog badly disrupts daily life, therefore, a sustainable policy is being devised in this regard,” the minister said, adding that the government had already prohibited the use of substandard fuel in factories and burning of crops, stubble or garbage.

To a question, the minister said that the provincial government had decided to set up the Punjab Clean Air Commission to control pollution and smog.

Iqbal maintained that a campaign would be launched on social media to raise awareness about the damages caused to the environment by burning of solid waste.


Separately, the Met office asked citizens to avoid burning garbage, tyres and other solid waste in the months of November and December to control the intensity of smog.

“Currently a western system is active in upper parts of the country with strong winds from east to west, which may cause rainfall, but if it does not rain, smog is likely to intensify,” an official of the Met office told APP.

Rain brings the polluted particles to the ground and clears the air, he explained.

“The initiative of the government to close brick kilns would help reduce the intensity of smog, but the burning of garbage, especially crops waste, would adversely impact the environment,” the official said.

He also urged people to use alternate methods to dispose of waste rather than burning, adding that this year less rainfall was recorded, which might also increase the intensity of smog.