Austerity measures by KP govt to likely save Rs40b


ISLAMABAD: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has notified austerity measures for the current fiscal year to ‘maintain fiscal discipline and control over expenditure’ with an estimated saving of around Rs40bn.

The finance department in a notification conveyed to all provincial government departments, autonomous and semi autonomous bodies, high and lower courts, deputy commissioners, provincial assembly and the public service commission, said there would a complete ban on the creation of posts except for completed projects, medical treatment abroad on public expenditure, and any increase in allowances and salaries until June 2019 (the end of the current fiscal year).

It said the ban on unnecessary expenses would come into force from November 1, 2018 and would last until June 2019 in line with the decision of the provincial cabinet’s October 15 meeting, reported local media.

The notification said there would also be a complete ban on the purchase of new vehicles except ambulances, earthmoving machinery, fire trucks, tractors, non-luxury police vehicles, single cabin pickup 4 by 4 and 4 by 2, three-door jeeps, trucks, buses, prisoner vans, motorcycles, water bowser trucks, recovery/rescue vehicles, and rescue/lifesaving boats.

It also stopped all officials from participating in workshops, seminars and trainings abroad involving provincial funds.

It said, “To achieve the budgeted provincial revenue targets, the finance department shall convene monthly meetings to be attended by administrative secretaries of the departments concerned”.