Two-day “World of Tomorrow Reimagined” conference to start on Nov 3


KARACHI: “A World of Tomorrow Reimagined”, the latest in the School of Tomorrow (SOT) conference series, will be held from November 3 to 4 in Karachi.

This event will comprise scholars, policy-makers, social activists and media persons getting together to discuss the emerging issues within contemporary societies and how these may contribute to a better future for us and our future generations.

Even though the format of these events is similar to literary and cultural festivals, these are as different from them as can be.

The SOT aims at deriving real outcomes, to think how we can use these discussions to address some of the fears people have about the largely unknown future. The SOT is designed so that learning is incorporated into policies and future planning.

Each dimension is in turn explored through a series of panel discussions, debates, presentations, interactive workshops, and exhibits.

In a presentation, the world’s renowned occupational therapist and author Chris Rowan will be speaking on the impact of technology use on children’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.

In a discussion about ‘television as the new cinema’, Sanam Saeed along with other experts will discuss the evolution and future of both television and cinema, and how changes in viewing styles – e.g. ‘binge-watching’ – affect both mediums.

Jibran Nasir and others will be debating whether democracy is the best form of government or not.