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Shehbaz not blood cancer patient, clarifies wife

Refuting the reports circulating in sections of media, Tehmina Durrani said Monday that her husband Shehbaz Sharif is not suffering from blood cancer, clarifying that he only meant to say he’s a cancer survivor.

Shehbaz’s wife took to Twitter and wrote, “Correction: My husband Shabaz Sharif does not have blood cancer, as reported in the electronic media. He was misquoted. He said he is a cancer survivor & is required to have a regular blood profile, which NAB has not allowed since the time he has been in its custody.”

In June 2015, the former Punjab chief minister had disclosed that he was suffering from backbone cancer for the last several years and goes to London twice a year for its treatment.

“During Musharraf era, when I was sent in exile … I was diagnosed with backbone cancer and at that time I was in London … so naturally treatment got started there … In continuation of it, I still have to visit my oncologist couple of times a year,” he said in a Facebook post.

According to Durrani, Shehbaz had recovered from the backbone cancer but is required to maintain his blood profile, however, the anti-graft body is stopping the opposition leader from doing so.

“I’m a cancer survivor but they [NAB officials] are not even allowing me to get my check-up done,” Shehbaz told the court, adding that he has been implicated in false cases and the NAB is blackmailing him.

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