Motorway police woman officer fines PTI’s MNA Raja Riaz for over-speeding

  • Gets Rs5,000 as reward for her courage from IGP 

A female patrolling officer of the Motorway police on Monday issued a ticket to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MNA Raja Riaz on the charge of over-speeding, who was later rewarded for her act to uphold the law, a private media outlet reported.

The constable, Uzma Shehzadi, fined the Raja Riaz for Rs750 after his car was spotted being driven 132 kilometres per hour on the motorway, near Pindi Bhattian.

However, Raja Riaz maintained that it was his driver instead of him who was booked for driving the car beyond the allowed speed limit, saying that he has paid his fine as per the law.

Meanwhile, the inspector general police (IGP) of the motorway rewarded the courageous officer with Rs5,000 cash and a certificate commending her courage.