NAB distributes Rs13m among victims of illegal housing society


ISLAMABAD: The National Accountability Bureau’s (NAB) Rawalpindi chapter on Monday distributed an amount of Rs13.141 million, which were recovered from an illegal housing society, among 32 affected people.

Rawalpindi NAB Director General Irfan Naeem Mangi handed over the cheques to the affected persons and concerned government departments at a ceremony.

As per details, in case of inquiry against Tele Town (Pvt) Ltd, Islamabad and others, the management collected Rs313 million illegally from general public without obtaining permission from Capital Development Authority (CDA) to advertise the scheme and sold 2330 files/plots during 2004-2007.

The management of M/s Tele Town did not obtain No Objection Certificate (NOC) from CDA for detailed layout plan.

About 200 members with an amount of Rs30 million (approx) claimed for the refund of plots.

The management of the society submitted an application for Plea Bargain (PB) against claims pending at NAB and in this regard and PB of Rs30.02 million was accepted.

In phases, Rawalpindi NAB had already refunded an amount of Rs11.54 million among 50 affected persons after verifying their claims. In third phase i.e on Monday, 05 victims have been returned an amount of Rs0.776 million.

In another case, the investigation against Mufti Riaz Khan s/o Hidayat Ullah Modaraba Scam and others, accused Muhammad Uzair Shah showed the willingness to pay back liability against him.

The one accused person namely Muhammad Uzair Shah has been arrested on February 05, 2018.

He submitted original papers of his three properties located in Attock city, while 26 complainants gave statements against the arrested accused Uzair Shah S/o Syed M Saghir Shah Bukhari with a total liability of Rs11,365,000.

In another case, Rawalpindi NAB recovered all amount which has been handed over to 26 affected peoples on Monday.

The inquiry against officers/officials of National Productivity Organisation, Rawalpindi NAB recovered an amount of one million rupees from M/s Imperial Associates and in second phase the same has been returned to National Productivity Organisation. In the first phase, Rawalpindi NAB already handed over Rs37 million to National Productivity Organisation.

Addressing the ceremony, Mangi reiterated that the bureau would continue to pursuing corrupt elements under the leadership of NAB Chairman Justice (r) Javed Iqbal so that motherland could achieve the dream of corruption-free Pakistan.

He said, “NAB strongly believes in zero-tolerance policy against corruption. NAB hopes that joint efforts of all stakeholders can collaborate to check corruption and corrupt practices.”

However, this practice to invest in unauthorised schemes in greed of more interest and returns on investments must be ended and discouraged.

Mangi said that NAB was absolutely committed to working transparently, fairly, professionally and on merit for corruption-free Pakistan in accordance with law.

He said that Pakistan was considered as a role model for SAARC countries in the eradication of corruption due to NAB’s efforts and Pakistan was the only country whose Corruption Perception Index (CPI), according to the Transparency International report, has been decreased from 175 to 116 points.