MCI demands building control section under its control


–Members of MCI urge authorities to distinguish genuine affectees from illegal occupants during anti-encroachment raids


ISLAMABAD: During the 28th Session of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI), the House on Monday approved the resolution for placing the Building Control Section Directorate, as well as the staff, under its administrative control.

The House also discussed the anti-encroachment operations surrounding the Kashmir Highway and other areas of Islamabad. The members of MCI said that discrimination between genuine affectees and illegal occupants should be made while conducting an operation as, during these operations, several genuine affectees faced heavy losses during these operations.

The 28th Session of the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) was held at Pak China Friendship Centre here on Monday. The session was presided over by the Mayor of Islamabad, Sheikh Anser Aziz. The session was attended by MCI chief officer and other members of MCI. The House approved the minutes of the previous session. During the session six-point agenda was discussed at length.

The House unanimously approved the adoption of CDA (Employees) Service Regulation, 1992 and CDA Financial and Accounting Procedures initially for the period of three months in the absence of Service Regulations and Financial and Accounting Procedures of the MCI. The Session also approved the adoption of a schedule of establishment up to the approval of rules of MCI. The session elaborated that these procedures and regulations are being adopted until the approval of rules of MCI.

However, MCI would make all-out efforts to frame its rules and regulations within three month. Similarly, if these rules could not be framed within three months elected representatives would decide about the further extension up to three more months.

The sessions also approved the enhancement in the sewerage connection charges for different residential, commercial, hospitals, schools and other units in the Islamabad. These charges were fixed in 1998, however, after the approval of the House, residential units will pay Rs 5 per sqft of the covered area, Rs 8 per sqft for commercial premises and Rs 6 per sqft as sewerage charges for hospitals, schools, Government and Semi-Government organizations. These charges would be received on the approval of building plans.

Enhancement in the revision of property tax, water and conservancy charges were deferred as the committee did not submit its report.

On this occasion, the Islamabad mayor said that the MCI is ensuring effective contact with the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Finance. He said that building control section is an important part of the MCI, therefore, it may be given under the control of MCI earlier so that the constructions in urban and rural areas and private housing scheme would be regulated, according to the rules.