Another extortion case reported in Karachi


KARACHI: Three days after a trader was shot for refusing to budge to extortionists, reports have emerged again of a trader being demanded extortion money.

A trader in the Lyari locality received a demand for extortion money worth Rs1 million by an unknown person on a motorcycle, who gave the trader the slip and drove away.

A case has been registered in the Baghdadi police station in Lyari.

Traders fear if extortion has made its way back to the metropolis, with quite a few incidents being reported recently.

Another trader received a call on WhatsApp from a foreign mobile number demanding money.

On Thursday, a trader was shot and injured in Karachi on Thursday after he reportedly denied paying ‘protection money’ and disconnected Whatsapp calls from an extortionist.

Tufail, who owns a mobile shop in Saddar area, was on his way home with his brother, Kashif, he told police.

He received a Whatsapp call from an international number with the caller introducing himself as Lyari gangster Zahid Ladla and demanding Rs5 million as ‘protection money’.