Sethi to send legal notice to PCB chief Mani


LAHORE: Former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Najam Sethi on Sunday decided to send a legal notice to his successor Ehsan Mani, dismissing the governing body’s report on money spent on him during his tenure.

The PCB, a day earlier, issued the complete detail of expenses and benefits related to the previous PCB chairmen for the period 2014 to Sept 30, 2018.

However, Sethi brushed aside the numbers quoted in the report by terming them as “distortion of facts and figures”.

“Clearly motivated by new mafia at PCB. Distortion of facts and figures. This defamation will not go unchallenged,” Sethi said on Twitter.

He pointed towards a possible defamation case against the cricket board as well.


Talking to a media outlet, Sethi said that Mani made distorted figures public at the behest of PM Khan. He claimed that he did not receive a dime from the PSL despite approval.

The former PCB chairman also stated that he used his own car during his tenure and did not even buy a bulletproof vehicle for traveling.


The PCB has issued complete details of chairman’s expenses and benefits from 2014 till September 30, 2018 as part of its transparency policy.

According to the PCB’s report, Sethi spent over Rs 70 million during his tenure as PCB chief and also as chairman of the executive committee.

The former PCB chairman received Rs 10.5 million under Pakistan Super League (PSL) allowance, while Rs8.3 million were received under expenses for car, fuel, personal security and driver, the report says, adding that he also pocketed Rs20.36 million under foreign tours, while received Rs900,000 for fuel of his car.

PCB report on expenses of chairmen

On the other hand, Sethi’s predecessor Shehryar Khan received Rs 10.94 million and Rs 8 million had been spent on him by the board, the report said.

In August, PCB chairman Najam Sethi resigned from office and was promptly replaced with former International Cricket Council (ICC) chairman Ehsan Mani by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Sethi, who has had longstanding differences with Imran Khan, said he had been waiting for the new prime minister to take oath before submitting his resignation.

“I wish PCB all the best and hope our cricket team goes from strength to strength,” he tweeted. “Eid Mubarak. Pakistan Zindabad.”


Mani has reportedly taken practical measures to cut down board’s excessive expenditures.

According to a media report, Mani has refused to take bulletproof car and allowance of Rs 500,000 as head of Pakistan Super League (PSL).

The bulletproof car was worth 30 million PKR and tender for it was already issued by the board, the report said, adding that Mani opted against spending such a hefty amount on his personal welfare despite insistence from board members.

The PCB chairman has also decided to refuse the special monthly allowance handed out to head of PSL.