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Deepika Padukone excited about marriage to Ranveer Singh

Deepika Padukone, who announced her wedding to beau Ranveer Singh on October 21, says that she is excited about her nuptials like any other girl.

Deepika, who has been guarded about her relationship in public, in a recent interview spoke about her upcoming marriage and said, “Of course I’m excited. I think it’s the same way that I am excited about signing my next film. Marriage is definitely something I have looked forward to in my life as would any other girl. When it does happen, it will be exciting, it should be exciting. I don’t see why my life should change at all (after marriage).”

Deepika also shared that her ideals are her parents and she looks up to them on the way they shaped up their marriage.

“I have seen my parents do it so well and so successfully and for me that’s the way I would like my married life to be as well. I think they have a beautiful relationship, the way they have managed their professional life and being together as a family and in every way they have set an amazing benchmark for me and my sister and I would love for it to be that way.”

Deepika’s father Prakash Padukone, who was also a part of the interview, said the way weddings are organised has completely changed.

“Today, the bride and the groom decide everything, both the parents just tag along.”

The badminton player also joked that Deepika’s first love has always been modelling. On this topic Deepika shared, “I used to go shoot for ads on the weekends, as a child. My friend’s mother would say that I should do modeling, and my mother used to say, ‘Please don’t put ideas into her head.'”

Prakash also expressed his pride for Deepika, saying he feels proud when people call me ‘Deepika’s father.’

“It’s a moment of pride for any parent, when their child has achieved so much.”

However Deepika prefers to differ, and would like to be called ‘Prakash Padukone’s daughter’.

According to reports, Deepika and Ranveer’s wedding party will be a four-day affair in Italy with two wedding ceremonies. One will be a Kannadiga style wedding, while the other will be according to north Indian rituals.

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