Rakhi Sawant accuses Tanushree Dutta of rape


The Tanushree Dutta-Rakhi Sawant feud just took a turn for the worse as the former Bigg Boss contestant accused Dutta of ‘raping’ her multiple times.

In a press conference held Wednesday, Rakhi said, “I am too embarrassed to say this but I was raped twelve years ago. Being a girl, I shouldn’t even use this word (rape). I am ashamed, upset and hurting while I tell this story.”

She continued, “I want to tell the world that this disgusting incident has taken place with me, not just once but several times. I am afraid to take names because I am getting threats of murder and gang-rape. I have even filed a complaint to the police.”

Rakhi in her press conference also claimed first that Dutta was in actuality a man, after which she said that Dutta was a lesbian.

Speaking further, Rakhi said that there was a time when Tanushree was her best friend and took her to rave parties where she herself indulged in drugs and even forced Rakhi to do the same.

“Yes, I was also forced to have drugs two-three times. I was flying and I thought it was a cigarette. I was naive and innocent and I was forcefully given it in my mouth. I am here to tell you that she is a lesbian. Men also don’t do rape, women do it too. This is the truth.”

Rakhi concluded that she has always respected women but she couldn’t stay silent anymore, especially after Tanushree slapped her with an INR10 crore suit.

Earlier in the week, Tanushree’s lawyers confirmed that they have filed a criminal and civil defamation case of Rs 10 crore against Rakhi for “maligning our client’s character and image,” after she came forward with her #MeToo accusations against veteran actor Nana Patekar.

Sawant had defended Patekar, claiming that Dutta was making such allegations because “she is mad and trying to gain publicity.” She also called Dutta a “dope”, saying that she “would consume drugs and remain unconscious for hours on the film set.”

Responded to the suit, Rakhi had said that she will file a case against Tanushree for INR 50 crores., adding that Dutta was targeting her because Patekar and Raj Thackery did not give her the attention she wanted.

Rakhi had also said at that point that the essence of the movement was being lost.

“It is not going in the right direction. Various girls are coming and taking advantage of the movement and without facing harassment, are accusing innocent men. I feel bad for those women who have actually suffered sexual harassment and they won’t be heard because of girls who are lying,” Rakhi signed off.