Ranbir, Rishi Kapoor share fan moment with Robert De Niro


Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor and his son Ranbir ran into legendary Hollywood star Robert De Niro on the streets of US and shared a fan moment.

Rishi, who is very active on social media, immediately shared the picture on his Twitter and said, “Wow moment. Impromptu meeting with Robert De Nero on 65th and 3rd. He knew Ranbir because he had met him and Anupam and said come over with Kher for a drink!”

“Simplicity and superstardom. I realised I have been such a bloody brat. Cannot get over his demeanour. Thank you Bob!” he added.

The Kapoor family is in the US as Rishi undergoes treatment though the exact nature of his ailment has not been revealed yet.

Earlier reports did the round claiming that he had been diagnosed with cancer. However, Rishi’s brother, Randhir Kapoor, dismissed the reports and said, “ We don’t know yet what is the exact nature of his ailment. Rishi himself doesn’t know what he is suffering from. He hasn’t even started undergoing tests there; how can people speculate that he has cancer and that too, one that has escalated to an advanced stage.”