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Peshawar Sikhs get pass on helmet law

PESHAWAR: The Sikh community living in the provincial capital has been allowed exemption from wearing helmets due to their religious headdress.

Minority member Sardar Ranjeet Singh had raised the issue in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly after which the city’s traffic police allowed the exemption.

Peshawar SSP Traffic Kashif Zulfiqar said that police would cooperate with minority communities. As many as 60,000 Sikhs live in KP.

City Traffic Police Lahore has also declared it mandatory for people to use helmets. This policy applies to bikers, pillion riders, and women and children.

This new policy for citizens to wear helmets has resulted in criticism from the people who are demanding the withdrawal of the order.

With the new policy of the city government, the helmet prices have also gone high and out of peoples’ reach.  A normal helmet is priced at Rs1,600 to Rs1,800 while a quality helmet is for Rs2,500 to Rs3,000 in the market.

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