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Punjab fails to pass domestic workers’ rights bill since 2015

LAHORE: As Punjab has yet not passed a pending bill for the protection and rights of the domestic workers, the Lahore High Court (LHC) the other day took notice of Punjab government’s complacency in passing the pending Bill for the protection of the domestic workers and inquired Additional Advocate General Rai Kharral regarding the reasons behind it.

Justice Jawad Hassan while hearing a contempt petition expressed his disappointment over Punjab government’s inaction over passing legislation despite court orders issued in 2015 in this regard.

The counsel for the petitioner Sheraz Zaka maintained before the court that in the context of rising number of cases of violence against domestic workers, it shall be deemed to a matter of urgency by the government to pass laws for the safety of such victims.

The court said that despite the guidelines given by commission constituted by LHC, the government has not proceeded with any development to pass the bill for the protection of domestic workers.

It was reminded to the court that in 2015, then LHC chief justice Justice Mansoor Ali had ordered the government to pass the legislation for the protection of domestic workers.

Also, it was argued by the petitioner that Pakistan is a member of International Labour Organisation and has signed about 36 different treaties on worker’s rights, however, the obligations are not being fulfilled by the provincial governments.

After hearing the arguments, the LHC adjourned the hearing till October 30 while summoning the members of the commission which was made to prepare guidelines for the government to formulate laws for the protection of domestic workers.

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