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26 countries to converse on political, economic affairs in Gwadar

A three-day meeting of the Committee on Political Affairs of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) will be held in Gwadar next week in which parliament members from 26 countries shall participate and converse on political dynamics, economic trade and other issues pertaining to the Asian region.

While making the announcement, Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani said the conference is set to begin on October 29.

Sanjrani added that Gwadar was the future economic hub of the country due to its geographic and strategic significance, and the purpose of this conference was to highlight its importance as a trade centre to the rest of the countries and to tell them that Pakistan is a peaceful country with several investment opportunities.

The member countries will also discuss prospects for economic cooperation and resolutions pertaining to the rule of law and judicial empowerment in Asia, building more avenues for friendship and diplomatic cooperation and promoting good parliamentary practices.

According to the Senate chairman, it will put up the proposal of “development through democracy” in the conference, suggesting this system of governance as the most important tool for peace, prosperity and development in Asia.

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