#MeToo: Founder of women rights’ NGO accused of sexual harassment


Syed Imran Ali Shah, the founder of a non-government organisation (NGO) Mehak, has been accused of sexual harassment by a girl on social media, which the former has denied the allegations.

A series of WhatsApp screenshots are doing rounds on the social media wherein Shah could be seen asking for sexual favours from a girl in exchange for a government job.

“Your life will be set if you become friends with me,” Shah wrote in the chat, further promising that he will get her a government job and funds from youth affair department.

“But I only have one condition and that is you have to hug and kiss me,” the NGO founder said.

Shah also claimed that he is a close friend of “Secretary’s PA” and he can get monetary funds from him for the girl. Upon this, the girl replied that she cannot sell her respect. “Because of people like you, our families do not allow us to go to events,” she wrote before blocking him.

Pakistan Today tried to contact Imran Ali Shah but he switched off his mobile. However, Shah posted a status on his Facebook (FB) account writing: “I am always very respectful towards girls all the females coming into my program knows how much respect I give to them not a single female can complain about me who attended my programs. ”

Calling it a “shameful act” against him by his haters, Shah further wrote: “This is utterly shameful act by my haters to let me down and manipulate my image, please don’t trust anyone without proves this is a dirty game to malign my image and let down my NGO name but I have a firm belief on Allah that I’ll prove my haters wrong.”

Discussing about the legal steps, Mehak founder wrote that he has filed complain in FIA against this and if he is at the mistake, he will never do that.  “My complain number is “120” anyone can check this with FIA I’ll take a legal action for defaming me and my NGO,” he wrote. 

“It’s a request to all females who have attended my programs please share your views here if I ever disrespected or harassed any girl. If a single girl who attended my program can say that I harassed her or disrespect them I’ll leave my profession, Shah concluded.


Meanwhile, the Facebook account of the girl, who posted the chat, has been blocked by the FB.

As #MeToo movement has gained a momentum in neighbouring India, many women in Pakistan have also come forward and shared their stories of harassment. Faisal Edhi and comedian Junaid Akram are among people who have been accused of harassment. However, both have denied the allegations.