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KP CM denies being in ‘poor health’ during Swat ceremony

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chief Minister Mehmood Khan on Monday denied rumours claiming that the security personnel took him away forcibly owing to ‘poor health’.

A video circulating across social media showed CM Khan being helped by the armed forces personnel to his vehicle at a ceremony in Swat where Pakistan Army handed over the administrative powers of the Swat region to the civilian authorities. Some media outlets had reported that CM Khan fainted during the Swat ceremony.


In his press statement, the KP CM said, “The news being spread regarding my health is baseless.”

“I am totally fine,” he commented, adding that the security guards helped him reach his vehicle due to an overwhelming crowd at the ceremony.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader went on to say that he was busy in routine activities in his office.

Reacting to the video, news analyst Talat Hussain tweeted, “PTI’s CM KP Mahmood Khan after the ceremony in which the civilians, we are told, took full charge of affairs in Swat in an official transfer of power!!! Get the hint?”

“On the day when military handed over security to the civilian admin in Swat valley, video of the Pakistan Army men handling of KP CM Mahmood Khan went viral on social media. Some of the social media users reacted strongly to the incident, saying, the CM should have protested it,” said VOA Deewa.

Meanwhile, another video of the incident shared by Swat News showed the chief minister being escorted by the armed personnel for safety reasons.

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