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Book launch: Iftikhar Ahmad discusses ‘Existential Question for Pakistan’

–US not like ‘1960s friend’ of Pakistan anymore, book author points out

–Recommends unified socio-economic approach to help Pakistan rise again

LAHORE: Pakistan is facing a number of crises which hamper its sustainability while the issues can be overcome through tolerance, unified national outlook, politico-economic and social maturity.

This was stated by the speakers on Monday during the launching ceremony of Iftikhar Ahmad’s book ‘Existential Question For Pakistan’ held at the iconic Quaid-e-Azam Library.

The author Iftikhar Ahmad said that Pakistan was facing a variety of issues which are increasing with each passing day. He said that he set himself on a journey to find out the basic problems existing here and tried to put suitable suggestions on how such challenges can be dealt with.

“All such challenges highlighted in the book have deep significance in our society, and the country’s regional and international politics,” he added.

He said that there were threats from within and outside while the country’s leaders should have the capability to formulate suitable policies. “This is my advice to the country and to the rulers being a friend of Pakistan,” Ahmad said and added that the United States (US) was not like “1960s friend” anymore as it had gone through changes in the global strategies.

Ahmad was of the view that Pakistan was surrounded by enemies as it has a volatile neighbourhood. Criticising the previous rulers, he said that the top civilian and military brass was responsible for leading the country into instability.

“Political and economic challenges are the most significant ie present-day Pakistan,” he said, adding that internal unity was essential to overcome these issues.

The author continued that politicians in Pakistan had been doing drawing room politics and they remained reluctant to know the issues and problems faced by the poor.

He advised all major political parties to avoid the politics of hate which was not in anyone’s interest. There is a need to establish the rule of law while a constitutional approach can help find solutions, he argued, mentioning that selective accountability was not in line with the growing demand for justice.

Former Finance Minister Dr Hafiz A Pasha congratulated Ahmad on the book launch and said, “Iftikhar Ahmad’s book was a must-needed for Pakistan as it covers almost all challenges faced by the country. With at least 63 essays, this book covers a wide variety of issues ranging from politics, economy, society, governance, security, and population.”

Pasha said that there was a financial crisis in the making in Pakistan while “this book was timely as there was renewed policy emphasis lately on governance and reform to tackle the current economic crisis and to promote social equality and justice.”

“The state has been captured by the elite while policies are being made just to oblige that class,” he said. He, however, suggested everyone not to lose hope as there was room to learn from the mistakes committed in the past.

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