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Couple allegedly subjects minor domestic help to torture

Video of an 11-year-old domestic helper narrating her experience of abuse at the hands of her employers in Rawalpindi has gone viral on social media with severe injuries also visible around her body.

The owners of the house, Major Ammara Riaz and her husband Dr Mohsin Riaz, would allegedly beat Kenza Bashir with a waist belt and rope, it emerged in the footage of the survivor.

They would neither provide her food nor allow the minor to sleep. The child was taken back to her native town of Samundari by her father.

Rawalpindi CCPO has taken notice of the incident and suspended an assistant sub-inspector (ASI) over flawed investigation.

Minister for Human Rights Dr Shireen Mazari took to Twitter to share the details of the case.

“We will be following it to ensure FIR registration and further action. Child is Kenza Bashir. Her father initially denied violence happened. Now an ASI has been suspended for wrong investigation,” Mazari said in her tweet.

“A police team has been sent to Samundri to bring back the child and her parents. After medical examination an FIR will be registered,” the minister stated further.

“Army has also been informed as the suspect is an Army doctor. We are keeping a close eye to ensure justice for the little girl.”

Mazari’s response came after a number of Twitter users tagged her in the video and images of the minor girl, and demanded action over it.

In an earlier tweet, the minister had said that they were working on the case since Saturday morning.

“To reiterate to all those tagging me in their tweets on this horrendous crime, since morning we are on it,” she had said.

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