Activist Aadii Roy threatened for exercising free speech


LAHORE: Social activist Aadii Roy who is well-known for his bold stance on injustices in society as well as government and military actions on Friday shared that he had been threatened for exercising free speech.

He made the revelation on social media website Twitter where he disclosed that someone had tried to intimidate him using the names of his family members.


Many notable personalities from the journalist community including Gul Bukhari condemned the action.

Social Media Advisor Faisal Ranjha also came out in support of Aadii Roy, mentioning his own story of being in a similar situation.

Members of the public offered their support too.

Earlier on Wednesday, senior journalist Matiullah Jan, who has been critical of the government and the establishment’s interference in the political affairs was asked to tender in his resignation within 24 hours. His social media account was accused of spreading ‘negative propaganda’ against state institutions.

Furthermore, Pakistani impressionist and comedian Syed Shafaat Ali, who is known for his impressions of Pakistani public figures, tweeted that an advertisement he had appeared in had been taken off air as part of media censorship by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA).