#MeToo: Instagrammer comes out in support of victims accusing Junaid Akram


After the sexual harassment allegations against the comedian Junaid Akram came forth, an Instagrammer came out in support of the victims and shared the comedian’s “extremely inappropriate” behaviour towards her.

The Instagrammer although said that she does not believe that this is a #MeToo story, however, she said that these are to support the “victims who were harassed by Akram”.

Sharing a series of screenshots, she wrote about her interaction with the comedian and stated that she contacted him for a university event.

She said that they both met twice in a professional setting and she treated him like all other guests and showed him around the university.

Later, however, he allegedly made inappropriate advances towards her.

She also shared screenshots of a chat between her and whom she claims to be Junaid in which he can be seen making inappropriate advances towards her.

Junaid told her that he likes her “more than a friend”, to which,  she replied that she is “20 years younger than him”.

She further said: “Here is a man, talking to a ‘fan’ he has only met twice, asking her to ‘come over’.”

She once again said that she is not claiming this as a #MeToo moment but sharing these screenshots to “show the real side of Junaid Akram”.

She further said that these screenshots will “support the women who are being doubted right now”.

Junaid Akram has denied all such allegations against him, claiming that he has not harassed anyone, adding that he is consulting his legal team on the matter.