Shah seeks govt’s response over record surge in dollar rate


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) senior leader Syed Khursheed Shah on Wednesday said the current economic situation of the country was ‘very serious’ with the dollar surging to record high and foreign debt piling up unprecedentedly.

Speaking in the National Assembly, Shah said it’s not a sin that the government approached the IMF, “the constitution doesn’t bar taking U-turns,” he said.

The former NA opposition leader said the dollar was Rs 125 when the new government took charge, and now it had reached Rs 137.

He stated that stock market collapsed from 52,000 points to 36,000 and no one was asking the government reason of such a drastic fall.

Why not anybody is talking about burgeoning inflation in the country, he asked.

He said the dictators ruled the country for 40 years, but no one talks about their accountability. The one who comes under accountability sword are just politicians, he stated.

“We didn’t come to power with someone’s help…we realise the gravity of poverty.” He said, adding some people became MNA sitting in their homes, while we went out canvassing to seek people’s support.

He alleged that 80 percent of the people in the incumbent government were leftovers from the Musharraf era. “Those who used to plead cases of Musharraf are now sitting on those benches,” said Shah while pointing towards the treasury benches.

They [the government] have come all of a sudden, who have no idea about inflation and poverty, claimed the PPP leader.

Khursheed Shah said he hoped that institutions would under their prescribed domain.

He said one should be very cautious that “today you are sitting there [treasury benches] and tomorrow you will be sitting here [opposition benches].”