Several tourists trapped in snow-hit Astore


A number of tourists, along with officials of the wildlife department, have reportedly been trapped in Astore and surrounding areas after an unexpected snow hit Gilgit-Baltistan (GB), among other northern areas.

According to media reports, there has been continuous rain and snow in the hilly areas since Monday due to which roads have become inaccessible.

At least one German and five Pakistani travellers, and several officials of the wildlife department were reportedly waiting to be rescued.


Snowfall coupled with intermittent rain in almost all upper areas of the GB has aggravated the chilly condition with temperature in some areas plummeting below zero.

Intermittent rain and snowfall continued in Astore, Skardu, Chillas and adjacent areas where mountains were seemed covered with white snow.

In the hilly areas, the mercury has dropped below zero as in Rama 4 inches and in Deosai 2 feet snowfall were recorded.

In Mir Malak and adjacent areas highly cold weather persisted after heavy rainfall while at Babusar Top, Chillam Top and Nanga Parbat snowfall with short intervals were recorded.

The chilly conditions and closure of roads at some places have sparked a rise in prices of daily use commodities, especially a sudden rise in prices of LPG and firewood was witnessed. The area people have demanded of the authorities to stop shopkeepers from this artificial price hike and take an action against businessmen cashing the situation.