Habib Jalib’s daughter faces overbilling, says can’t pay it being a Careem driver


The daughter of revolutionary poet Habib Jalib, Tahira Habib Jalib, has become the target of overbilling and said that as a Careem driver, it is hard for her to pay the skyrocketing electricity bill.

In a Facebook post, Tahira wrote: “I am extremely worried because I am being overcharged in my electricity bill for the last two months. Two months ago, I got a bill amounting to Rs63, 253, out of which I paid Rs22, 326 in installments but this month, despite a significant change in the weather, I still received a bill of Rs31, 267 and adding the previous one, I now have to pay Rs78, 527 .”

She further wrote that she lives in a 2.5 Marla house where electricity is not used freely. “Washing machine and iron are used when very necessary and I have left using AC as it is just sitting on the wall,” she stated, adding that such a heavy bill is unjust.

“Everyone knows that driving ‘Careem’ is my only means of earning and it is almost impossible for me to pay this much bill,” she further wrote, adding that she got her meter checked earlier but it is being rigged again.

“I am sure that someone is stealing the electricity using my meter,” she wrote.

Talking about the installments, she wrote that it was very hard for her to go through the process of installments and being a middle-class citizen, it is harder for her to pay such a large bill.

“I don’t know, what will I do.”