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Govt tasked to file report on use of luxury vehicles by state officials

— The hearing has been adjourned till October 26

LAHORE: The Supreme Court of Pakistan (SC) on Tuesday ordered federal and provincial governments to file reports over the reasons of using state-owned vehicles by public officials within the next 10 days.

Heading a three-member bench and hearing a case on the use of luxury vehicles by government officials, Chief Justice (CJ) Mian Saqib Nisar delivered the instructions and requested details on the usage of luxury vehicles by public officials.

The assistant attorney general said that the matter was for the provincial governments to solve.

The CJ stated that some of the cars were kept under the name of 57 different companies, including that of Saaf Pani, while 27 of the cars were in the use of the Punjab government hidden in the building of Ali complex.

Saqib Nisar then asked the Sindh advocate general of the whereabouts of the 500 cars recovered by the Sindh government. “We should know which officials can use these cars as millions of rupees are spent on their upkeep,” the chief justice said, adding that the extra cars in the government’s use should be sold and the money used for a better cause”.

Meanwhile, the Punjab advocate general said that the Punjab government had recovered 201 cars.

The federal and provincial governments were then ordered to compile and submit their reports on the matter within 10 days. The chief justice warned before adjourning the hearing till October 26, adding that no more time will be given after that.

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