Fake news about arrest in Pakistan rattles US blogger Cynthia Ritchie


A local media outlet in Pakistan reported a fake news story about the arrest of a US blogger by the officials of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Cynthia D Ritchie, a freelance director, producer and writer who currently lives in Islamabad, was rattled by a news story reported by sections of private media which claimed that the FIA had offloaded and arrested her from an international flight either due to the expiration of visa or other issues related to her traveling documents.

Taking to Twitter, Cynthia clarified that she was offloaded due to an “incompetent official” of the Ministry of Interior, adding that the agency never arrested her as it was a minor issue, contrary to the reports circulating about her.

“The documentation was not 100% correct (and the) matter was resolved,” she said.

Cynthia also mocked some of the media persons in Pakistan for spreading the fake news about her arrest.

She later thanked the “Pakistan authorities for taking swift action by tracing the offensive postings of my passport.”