India to downsize army in next seven years: report


A six-day Indian Army commanders’ conference concluded in New Delhi and it stated that “four major studies underway to transform the over 1.2 million organisation into a lean, mean and operationally versatile force, with better utilisation of budgetary allocations, will be progressively implemented in a phased manner,” according to a local media report.

It was further reported that around 1.5 lakh personnel will be slashed in the next seven years in order to save around Rs 6, 000 to Rs 7, 000 crore annually.

An Indian Army spokesperson quoted in the report said, “The phases will comprise requisite refinements of the studies to make them pragmatic for implementation. It has also been decided that all operational aspects of the studies will be validated by test-bedding them in exercises.”

Moreover, it was stated that the Indian Army led by General Bipin Rawat has decided to initiate the major transformative exercise by early next year.

“The major proposal to create composite brigades or integrated infantry, armoured and artillery battle groups, with four to six battalions each instead of the existing three, also ties in with the ongoing cadre review of officers,” the report further stated.