Insufficient staff pointed out at police counterterror unit


ISLAMABAD: Along with suffering from the insufficient number of personnel deployed in the Counterterrorism Unit of the Islamabad Capital Territory Police, the unit’s ability suffers putting a question on the preparedness of unit in face of any untoward disaster.

According to documents, the Counterterrorism Unit has a sanctioned strength of nine inspectors, 39 sub-inspectors, 76 assistant sub-inspectors, 150 head constables and 616 constables. Due to delays in hiring, the present strength stands at six inspectors, 19 sub-inspectors, 46 assistant sub-inspectors, 74 head constables, and 541 constables.

The Counterterrorism Unit is short of 202 personnel including inspectors, sub-inspectors, head constables, and constables. The Counter-Terrorism Force (CTF) was established to strengthen the security apparatus in line with the National Action Plan and to prevent and control terror activities, raising of a dedicated force for prompt response to any eventuality.

It is mandated to conduct the counterterrorism operations in the federal capital areas in collaboration with the police and other security agencies and providing a quickest possible reaction in case of an emergency. “We are utilising all the personnel of counterterrorism force for the very purpose it was made for,” SSP Operations Amin Bukhari told Pakistan Today.

He said that the CTF comprises of four major components or formations i.e. investigation, intelligence, special operations and composite field teams. Bukhari said that the investigation unit was entrusted to probe any terror-related incidents after the occurrence. “Intelligence units are trusted to gather intelligence before the incident and quell incidents before they take place,” he said.

The Counter-Terrorism Force comprises of the rapid field teams, specialised field teams that further have explosive handling team, snipers team, amphibious team, crisis negotiations team that comprises of the specialised experts who help in the hostage situation.