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Governor’s House opens doors to public in Quetta

  • Visitors interact, ask different questions from Governor Yasinzai

QUETTA: Students of Sardar Bahadur Khan (SBK) Women University were the first to visit the Governor’s House after the historical building was opened for public on Friday.

The students under the supervision of Vice Chancellor Rukhsana Jabeen arrived at the Governor’s House, where Balochistan Governor Amanullah Yasinzai welcomed the university delegation. The government had announced to open historical government buildings for the public visit.

Following the announcement, the Governor’s Houses in Sindh, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, and now Balochistan have opened their doors to people of all walks of life. The university students visited several parts of the historic building and expressed joy in seeing archaic pictures and statues placed inside the building.

The students also asked questions from Governor Yasinzai regarding the history of the house. “This Governor’s House was built in 1888 during the British era. After the 1935 earthquake, the building was damaged but re-furnished by the then viceroy,” the governor told the delegation.

Last month, the Punjab governor opened the house’s gates for the general public to visit, where citizens by showing their identity cards (CNIC) at the main entrance, were able to visit specific areas. In Murree, the Government House was also opened for the general public last month.

Earlier, a select group of college students were allowed as the first group from the general public to past the high-security walls of the Governor’s House in Peshawar for a rare glimpse at the power echelons. The Governor’s House in Karachi was opened up only to a selected group of visitors owing to security considerations.

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