Cops allegedly steal Rs0.75m from transgender person | Pakistan Today

Cops allegedly steal Rs0.75m from transgender person

A transgender person has accused two policemen of stealing Rs 0.75 million from a flat in Rawalpindi, a local media outlet reported.

Laila Ali, the victim, stated in the First Information Report (FIR) that head constable Izzat Shah amd constable Asif entered her apartment on her birthday in September and stole Rs400,000 from a cupboard.

They also allegedly took an additional Rs350,000 from pockets of all those present on the occasion.

No arrests have been made by authorities so far despite registration of a case in the New Town police station, the report added.

During the investigation, police found evidence implicating the personnel in the theft.

In August, a transgender person was shot dead at her flat with her body later reportedly hacked to pieces. A police patrol had arrested a suspect carrying a bag, which contained the human remains.

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