450 Pakistanis admit to owning properties in Dubai: report


As many as 450 Pakistanis have admitted to own properties in Dubai in response to a notice sent by a Supreme Court-constituted committee, media reports said Thursday.

The committee sent notices to 895 property holders, 443 people have not yet responded to the notices, the report added. The property owners’ details have been sent to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for further probe.

List of 895 Pakistanis who own properties in Dubai:

The state will take action with the assistance of United Arab Emirates (UAE) government to confiscate the property in case it doesn’t get the response from the owners.

The SC constituted a commission to ascertain the means and mode of transactions of the multi-billion dollar properties abroad.

The FBR will be responsible to take action if the owners are unable to prove their means of income, tax returns and mode of transactions.