#NoTimeToWork: Imran Khan set to complete 2-month long enactment of being prime minister


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

ISLAMABAD – In a first, a play titled No Time To Work, a ground-breaking 2-month long performance that is being seen live around the world, will culminate on October 18.

The play charts the first two months of PM K, played by acclaimed actor Imran Khan. No Time To Work has been an intense, unedited political scrutiny for two months. There are no breaks and the camera never looks away.

Set inside a replica of an actual democratic state, PM K’s journey began on 18 August, 2018, when he is elected through what on paper is an electoral system.

The performance accurately portrays what happens to Prime Ministers of Pakistan after their election, when they don’t find the time or space to do any constructive work, based on accounts of military, ministers and media.

The performance has been streamed both online and in the real world and has had a large audience from across the world. The hashtag #NoTimeToWork is currently trending in Pakistan.

The groundbreaking live stream has a timeline of events charted to explain how PM K, also known as Khan Sahib, will be counting each moment of his life from the arrival do the Prime Minister seat to the eventual removal by undemocratic forces.