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Celebrities laud Sarmad Khoosat’s #NoTimeToSleep

The 24-hour live performance charting the final hours of a death row prisoner ‘Prisoner Z’ took the nation by storm as people were awed and horrified at the same time as to what goes behind bars.

The play is a project of Justice Project Pakistan, in collaboration with Olomopolo Media and Highlight Arts. The concept is by Ryan van Winkle. Directed by Kanwal Khoosat and Produced by Iram Sana, it was an initiative to raise awareness about the death penalty.

Played by Sarmad Khoosat, the role is inspired by the life of Zulfiqar Ali, a death row prisoner who was JPP’s first client and spent seventeen years on death row. In that time, orders for his execution were issued and stayed more than 20 times.

The performance went on without any breaks. No Time to Sleep is primarily about the tyranny of time that is both long and short – running slow and running out – while the ropes are tested.

As people from different parts of the world tuned in for the non-stop Live Stream, celebrities and Twitter users took it to social media platforms to share their two cents on the project and Sarmad’s performance.

Osman Khalid Butt took to his Twitter and said, “Innovative. Harrowing. Powerful. Also, Sarmad Khoosat continues his winning streak.”

Mira Sethi also took to the microblogging platform and said, “Been dipping in and out of , a live performance of the final 24 hrs in the life of a death-row inmate. In awe of Sarmad Khoosat’s stamina, his skill, but most of all his fidelity to the pain of Prisoner X. This is a huge undertaking as an artist. Thank you, Sarmad.”

Feeha Jamshed said, “Whether you support capital punishment or don’t I can assure no one was ready for Prisoner Z. The uncomfortable raw and riveting performance by & convos with the jailors espcially his family is something that just sends chills down your spine.

Journalist Amna Haider Isani said that Khoosat’s performance was ‘Award-winning’:, “Sarmad Khoosat deserves every award for Best Actor for that mind blowing, brave and soul stirring” live performance. To bare his soul in such a raw way…brilliant and unprecedented @KhoosatSarmad

Hassan Choudary also said, “What Sarmad Khoosat is doing right now is phenomenal on so many levels. If you haven’t already, you must tune into his performance right away at Facebook page. Mind-blowing stuff, really

Filmmaker and journalist Hasan Zaidi said that the performance was “powerful stuff” and lauded Khoosat’s performance as well.

Emerging band and Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 3 finalists Xarb also tweeted about the performance saying, “We’ve been up with @KhoosatSarmad since last night, with the advantage of breaks and good food. Hats off to this great artist. Keep watching..

Twitter user Hassan Saeed said, “At the end of I just wanted to hold my loved ones close. Imagine, the pain we inflict on our fellow humans. I hope, no one goes through this “Humans are the only creatures on Earth that claim a god & the only living thing that behaves like it hasn’t got one”.

YouTuber Mahwash Ajaz said, “: a jarring experience, makes u question fixed ideas. The consistent 24 hour performance, the small details stirred an empathy abt those who are on death row & highlighted the vulnerability of the justice system. Bravo for starting this conversation.”

Twitter user ‘The Fake Beardo’ said, “Sarmad Khoosat is a living legend. Has set the bar so high with this performance that I don’t think anyone can match that. 24 hours of non stop performance. No edits, no breaks. Phenomenal.

Samia Saeed also said, “Someone give an Oscar, an Emmy, a Golden Globe! Give him something for ! What an incredible heartbreaking performance. A standing ovation for him and team.”

Following the performance #NoTimeToSleep has been the top trend on Twitter in Pakistan. It is safe to say that Sarmad Khoosat is a national treasure and his performance highlighting a pertinent issue will forever be remembered.

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