Lure of $30,000 Canada-based IT job landed BrahMos engineer Aggarwal in ISI web


The lure of a $30,000/month IT job in Canada was too much to resist for Nishant Aggarwal. So, when he was asked for “specimens” of his work at the BrahMos missile project as part of the offer, the scientist immediately complied, reported Times of India. 

That proved to be a huge mistake on part of Nishant, the engineer with BrahMos Aerospace Pvt Ltd, who was arrested for allegedly sharing crucial details of the supersonic missile project with Pakistani agents.

A Nagpur court on Tuesday allowed a three-day transit remand of Nishant Agarwal on the request of Uttar Pradesh ATS. The ATS team is likely to bring him to Lucknow by Wednesday morning.

The TOI report claimed that Canada-based ‘Sejal Kapoor’, with whom Nishant chatted regularly on Facebook, invited the engineer to interact on LinkedIn. Later, she sent a ‘link’ to Nishant so that he could chat with her seniors too. When he clicked the link, a malware was downloaded in his computer. Using the malware, substantial data was stolen from Nishant’s computer.

During his interrogation, Nishant is also learnt to have admitted that he used to regularly chat with another ‘Neha Sharma’ on Facebook. His chat remained restricted to only a few times with ‘Neha’, whose link has been traced to Pakistan.

Sources said even Nishant was “clueless” about how much of sensitive data had been stolen from his computer.

Nishant has named some DRDO officials and his former Hyderabad-based senior as the ones with whom he had shared information.