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NCHR voices concern over Punjab police’s human rights violations

The National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) Chairman Ali Nawaz Chohan on Tuesday voiced reservations and dismay over Punjab police’s performance.

He expressed this while hearing a plea of a father, Jalal, whose young son, 22-year-old Tariq, was killed by the police in an alleged encounter.

He said that the police’s attitude is worrisome, especially in terms of human rights violations committed under the thin disguise of police encounters.

Jalal, on this occasion, said, “My son was picked up from his house by authorities in the night and kept for three days and then his body was handed over to the family.”

He claimed that a feudal lord had conspired to murder his son to take revenge after members of Jalal’s family disobeyed him, causing humiliation to him.

Jalal said his family members work hard to earn a livelihood and lamented that he would be treated like a slave by the feudal lord.

“My son paid the highest price for never allowing himself to bow down before anyone,” he added.

Jalal said the incident took place almost three years ago but still the family was being threatened by Khosa for pursuing the case. The police also did not cooperate and instead harassed the victim’s family, he added.

The complainant said when the family protested against this, officials in power registered fake cases against them, as well as, subjected them to torture to muzzle their voice.

“I was detained in police station and tortured for three days for leading the protest with Tariq’s body,” Bilal, Tariq’s uncle claimed.

After hearing the family’s stance, the NHCR chairman also heard the other party, representing the Punjab police.

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