Millionaire sportsman beats girlfriend over ‘revealing’ social media photo


A University of Southern Florida student has shared images of the horrific injuries she suffered at the hands of her millionaire boyfriend, reported Daily Mail. 

Melissa Gentz claims Erick Bretz beat her, kicked her, and threw her around his condo because he was angry at the amount of cleavage she showed in an Instagram photo.

According to the law enforcement document, Gentz, 22, pushed her partner when he became verbally abusive during the early hours of morning September 23.

Then she claims Bretz, 25, got violent back, eventually leading to his arrest.

The incident happened at 4.11am and the report from law enforcement states the accused became ‘argumentative and jealous’ after taking Patz medication for insomnia and then drinking approximately four beers and three-quarters of a bottle of wine.

Gentz told officers she tried to punch him and she threw her to the floor, kicked her in the face and started to cut off her air supply by wrapping his legs around her throat.

Photographs of the scene that Gentz posted on Instagram show a chunk of hair that was allegedly pulled from her head after she was thrown around the room by Bretz gripping handfuls of her strands, reports Tampa Bay Times. There was also a door broken into two pieces.

The accuser – who has a large cut across her forehead in the horrifying posts – says he also struck her with a bottle before she managed to escape to the bathroom.

However, when the sportsman broke into the room she was unable to call the emergency services as planned. But she was saved by a doorman who dialed 911 after she made it into the lobby of the downtown neighborhood’s Element tower.

Gentz went straight to a hospital to be looked at but returned that evening with law enforcement as her boyfriend slept. He was arrested at 7.17pm.

According to a post she re-shared September 24, the altercation began when Bretz didn’t like an image of her in a black spaghetti strap top she had shared on social media.

‘I am reposting this picture because my ex-boyfriend deleted it without my consent. He told me that women with boyfriends could not have pictures “showing their breasts”. I am asking ALL Women to have the strength and courage to end abusive relationships like my last one was,’ she captioned the shot.

‘It all started with complaints about my Instagram photos, then about comments on the photos…to text messages that I received on my phone… There came the day in which he grabbed me by my hair and told me that I had to accept my reality because I was the woman in the relationship.

‘A man that treats you like this does not respect you or see you as a human being. He is not going to change. Always put yourself in the first place… before it is too late.’

Since then Gentz has shared images of her bruised and bloodied face as reports in their native Brazil helped the photos go viral.

Her first Instagram post about the incident was shared a million times on Facebook and it has shocked stars in their home country.