Umar Saif believes Pakistan can be among top startup ecosystems


Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) Chairman Dr Umar Saif is confident that Pakistan can be among the world’s the top startup ecosystems that are currently dominated by cities of the United States (US).

Taking to social media, Dr Saif shared a map of the top startup ecosystems and said, “Top startup ecosystems in the world. Working hard to put Pakistan on this map.”

The PITB chairman said he, along with his team, is working hard to put Pakistan on the map of the top ecosystems for startups.

The current list of top startup ecosystems includes Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, London, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Bangalore, among others.

Dr Saif’s dream could soon be fulfilled as the US is said to be losing its competitive advantage as the dominant nucleus of the startup and venture capital universe, according to a new study conducted by the Center for American Entrepreneurship and NYU’s Shack Institute of Real Estate.

While the US still appears to produce the largest amount of venture activity in the world, America’s share of the global pie is falling dramatically and doing so quickly, it added, arguing that over the last decade, the non-US countries have propelled growth in the global startup and venture economy. China, India and the UK now account for a third of global venture deal count and dollars, according to the report.