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Rock star Ali Zafar stirs up PSCA

LAHORE: The evening at the Punjab Police Integrated Command, Control and Communication Center (IC3) floor turned euphoric the moment pop and jazz icon, musician and singer, Ali Zafar started buzzing his famous tunes in one of the announcement mics of the IC3, Qurban Lines on Wednesday.

The entertainment sensation visited PSCA to have a pep-talk with the authority’s juvenile workforce and a live rendezvous with the audience of FM 88.6 Radio Safe City.

He was received and cheered up by the MD PSCA Malik Ali Amir who briefed a startled guest on the full prowess of the project. The rockstar expressed his sentiments in these words, “I have been clueless about a world-class marvel of security and technology, so far, in Lahore. Even western countries lag behind when probed for the likes of it. Youths taking care of affairs is the most reassuring omen of a bright future. We are proud of everyone involved and engaged in this project. I would now press my fellow citizens to follow the laws in all walks of life.”

He was taken to various sections of the IC3 where he sang “Chal Dil Merey.” for the amusement of a very pushy legion of his fans among Police Communication Officers. The artist also relayed this event live on his Instagram handle.  MD PSCA presented a souvenir shield to mark honor and appreciation for the guest.

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