Punjab Bar Council under fire for casual sexism in official diary


Hassan Niazi, lawyer and visiting faculty member at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) shared a picture of a page in Punjab Bar Council’s official diary that had a gender discriminatory quote penned at the top

He tweeted: “This is a quote from the official diary of the Punjab Bar Council. The casual sexism and misogyny that female lawyers in Pakistan face is on display. All such quotes should be removed at once. ”

The quote can be roughly translated as: “Nations that allot more than an adequate freedom to women end up regretting it at some point.”

In response, Lawyer Haider Imtiaz shared another page of the diary which featured a quote of similar nuances: “While it is difficult to live with a woman, it is more difficult to live without one.”

Nida Usman, academic and founder of the think tank LEARN shared another page of the diary saying, “Beat this”.

“All mothers love their children, even the ones who do not have any children”.

Former parliamentarian Irum Azeem Farooqui also expressed her anger in a tweet: “This is a quote from the official diary of the Punjab Bar Council. Why are such quotes still exhibited and not removed?

However, the general public’s response to the accusations has mostly been apologetic.

A user contemplated if the quote didn’t represent “100% truth”.

A Twitter user said “It is a very good quote. No one should have more than necessary freedom.”

Another user “endorsed” the quote, claiming that modern feminism was responsible for the social destruction.