Instagram restored after temporary down


Days after its co-founders resignation, popular social media application Instagram stopped working, with people unable to see people’s pictures or profiles, in various parts of the world including London, United States, Singapore and Pakistan.

Upon opening the application, users were greeted with empty profiles and a message that the app “cannot refresh feed”.

Meanwhile, the web version of the application displayed a “5xx Server Error”.

Upset user took to Twitter to complain about the outage and tweeted messages along with the #InstagramDown hashtag.

The problems come amid a difficult time for Instagram. The company’s two founders left due to disagreements with Facebook over how the company should be run.

Moreover, following revelations of Facebook hacks, it emerged that Instagram users and accounts might also have been caught up in it if they had used their Facebook log-in to create their Instagram account.

Some of the accounts caught up in Facebook’s hacks appear to be trading on the dark web, with cyber criminals able to buy access to people’s accounts for just a few dollars.