Senate body calls for tracing spying gadgets in Islamabad

  • Rehman Malik asks FIA, police to locate presence of these gadgets

ISLAMABAD: Taking notice of reports regarding espionage gadgets installed in the Diplomatic Enclave and the Constitution Avenue, Senate’s Standing Committee on Interior Affairs Chairman Rehman Malik has sought a report in this regard.

The chairman has given 10-day period to the Interior Ministry to submit a report days over the warning issued by the National Telecom and Information Technology Security Board. He also asked the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the Islamabad Police to locate where these gadgets have been installed.

According to reports, an advisory was issued to the federal ministers and other officers around the area about these gadgets that are capable of intercepting cellular communications. The ministries were warned not to share classified information using cell phones and instead, use landline communication.

A private TV channel reported that the foreign intelligence agencies were tracing and intercepting phone calls of important personalities and the ministries. Senator Malik said that spying was a severe violation of the security laws. He said that the government should also take notice of the matter and identify those who were responsible.