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Salman Khan reveals why his films don’t include intimate scenes

Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s films rarely have intimate scenes. In an era in which bold scenes involving kissing and scantily-clad women are common, it is surprising to note that the actor’s film rarely have any any intimate moments.

Speaking to Times of India, Salman shared why he refrains from including such scenes in his films.

“I always remember this one incident that happened in my home many years ago,” Salman shared. “The entire family was watching an English film together, and suddenly the actors started kissing. It was a proper lip-lock. One head turned to the right, the other to the left, someone someone at the floor, a few people didn’t know where to look. Dad gave out a loud ‘ahem!’ Someone called out for the house help to get tea for everyone.”

“Every single member of the family got distracted and when the kissing scene stopped, the whole family got back to watching the movie,” he continued, adding, “That’s why I feel, you don’t need such stuff in a film. You don’t need these gimmicks to make the to make the film work. I’m not saying these gimmicks don’t work in favour of films, I’m just saying they’re not a necessity in cinema.”

Salman also shared, “In my first film, when Sooraj Barjatya was directing me, I remember I had to apply a balm on Bhagyashree’s feet and I did that while shutting my eyes. I don’t think sex or skin can sell a film.”

“That’s not my way of making movies.”

Despite this self-imposed ban on intimate scenes, Salman’s films have always done exceptionally well at the box-office, crossing the 100-crore mark. Some of his blockbuster films include Sultan, Bajrangi Bhaijan, Tiger Zinda Hai and Bodyguard.

Salman Khan is currently shooting for Bharat in Abu Dhabi alongside Katrina Kaif.

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