Lindsay Lohan says ‘don’t f**k with Pakistan’ before getting punched by ‘refugee’


The “Mean Girls” star has gotten into a nightmare sequel of her hit “Parent Trap” as she livestreamed herself following adults and children she described as Syrian refugees.

She accused a woman of human trafficking while speaking gibberish, distantly reminiscent of Arabic, until the woman got into fight with her and left the celebrity in tears.

Social media users are guessing what got into actress Lindsay Lohan this time as her recent Instagram video, which she’s deleted from her account, circulates online.

The infamous Hollywood starlet, whose name has been seen more often in scandalous headlines rather than in movie releases lately, had livestreamed an incident in an unnamed town, which some outlets reported to be Moscow, although the weather, as well as car plates, don’t correspond to Russian ones.

On the video, Lohan approached a woman, dressed in a black Muslim gown, with children, sitting on the ground, who she described as Syrian refugees, who “need help” in her own words. She invited the children to her hotel and fell over the mother, saying she “should not have them on the floor, you should be a hard-working woman and you should be doing what you can for your children, so they have a better life.”

While the family tried to escape her, she kept on going after them, filming the chase and accusing the woman of trafficking the kids, “ruining Arabic culture,” and murmuring words reminiscent of Arabic, finally concluding “Don’t f**k with Pakistan.”

As she seemed to take some of the boys, the woman apparently punched her (in the face, as some outlets suggested) and hurried away. Lohan remained standing and crying and told her followers that she’s scared and shocked, and she just wanted to save the kids.

The incident immediately drew the attention of the media and netizens, who responded with a storm of comments, ranging from sharp criticism to jokes and calls for compassion.

Some tried to guess what pushed Lohan towards such an outburst.

There were those who were not surprised, while others struggled to get used to the reality with “kidnapper” Lohan.

Many gave their best variants of “Lohan stealing kids” plots.