KP governor makes futile attempt at explaining ‘mouth-to-mouth’ communication gaffe


After being mocked over a slip of the tongue, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Governor Shah Farman has made a futile attempt at explaining his comment saying that ‘mouth to mouth’ communication means spreading authentic information with the public through conversation with friends and family.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, the KP governor said, “Mouth to mouth communication means spreading authentic information with public, through conversation with Friend & Family.”

On Sunday, KP Governor Shah Farman said to a group of visiting student’s at Governor House that he had invited them over to have ‘mouth-to-mouth’ communication with them.

The gaffe took place while the governor was interacting with students, who were at there to see the Governor House on the first day that it had been opened to the public. The video of the slip up shows Shah Farman speaking to a group of female students, almost all of whom start smiling as soon as he says “mouth-to-mouth” communication when he must have meant ‘face-to-face’ instead.