Govt launches ‘Fake News Buster’ to ‘expose propaganda’



Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has launched a social media account to deal with fake news that has become the biggest challenge for the age of information.

As per the details, the info ministry has created an official Twitter handle – Fake News Buster MoIB (@FakeNews_Buster) – to “expose propaganda” aimed at defaming the incumbent Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government.

The handle will be available for social media users to contact when in need to verify any news making rounds over the internet. It will also keep a check on any information trending over social media and aware the masses of its authenticity.

The step has been taken in view of several news items that went viral over the internet, but later turned out to be fake.

One such instance was when social media users came to know that Pakistani-American billionaire Shahid Khan had announced donating $1 billion for the dams fund. The fake news became a talk of the town with hundreds of thousands believing it.

In another, a fake news item claiming the demonetisation of the Rs5,000 note by the federal government had taken the internet by storm last month.


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