Woman confesses to killing six-year-old daughter in Hyderabad


Police found out that the murderer of six-year-old Arbish was her own mother who confessed before the police to killing her daughter in her house in Latifabad Unit-10 in Hyderabad.

Following the confession, CIA examined another video footage from the same closed-circuit television (CCTV) installed in the street and interrogated the victim’s mother Shagufta. She suffocated the minor to death and then tried to commit suicide.

The earlier footage had a woman in a burqa walking down the street with a plastic bag containing the girl’s body and placing it beside a wall.

Police showed the new footage to the victim’s father Aftab Arain and asked him to identify the woman. The footage showed a woman without burqa visiting the street. After watching the footage, the victim’s father identified the woman as his wife. When police confronted Shagufta with the footage “she confessed it right away”.

Moreover, according to a local media report, the accused told the police that “she left the body in the street while wearing a burqa and took back the bag out of fear”.

The police further reported that “Shagufta said that Aftab wanted more babies but she feared if she had more children she might develop ovarian cancer. The issue led to frequent bickering and finally, her husband threatened to divorce her and keep Armeesh with him.”