Lumbering giant with a midget’s mentality


India needs to get over its inferiority complex

I’ve been saying for decades that, “India is a large country with a small country mentality.” I’m grateful to India’s government for proving me right with its mind-numbing behaviour after first agreeing to a meeting between our foreign ministers and then withdrawing from it the next day. Poor Shah Mahmood Qureshi was stood up on a date with Sushma Swaraj.

Prime Minister Imran Khan rightly felt that being in the same place at the same time at the UNGA in New York provided an opportunity to start the thawing process. Not only this peculiar behaviour. India also followed up with increasing its decades-old genocide in Kashmir. Next it repeatedly threatened Pakistan with impotent saber rattling. Spoilt brats I would say. Petulant little giants at the mercy of its Hindu rightwing extremists!

It doesn’t end there. India’s army chief weighed in with loud saber rattling, threatening Pakistan with war, ‘surgical strikes, inflicting pain on it, blah, blah, blah…

How can India take Pakistan on when it has all but lost its war against the freedom struggle in Kashmir? The Kashmiris are thrashing them and their occupying army’s morale has hit rock bottom. Witness the high number of suicides and desertions by Indian soldiers and officers and the bellyaching of those still left. Yes, India is on the verge of losing Kashmir and it’s this realization more than any other that has wobbled Indian mental stability. Its governmental state terrorism has come to naught. Its not just loss of Kashmir that causes them sleepless nights; a Kashmiri victory would act as a great boost to the more than 20 freedom struggles in progress in India, the next probably being the Sikhs of Punjab. So hysterical is India that it catches a hapless pigeon and accuses it of being a Pakistani spy on the ISI’s payroll. Instead of pot-roasting the pigeon they actually arrested it. We’ve got a pigeon-chested Indian spy rejoicing as a commander of the Indian navy. He made a clean breast of it publicly and has since been sentenced to death by our military courts but we’ve not pot-roasted him yet. He’s more valuable to us alive than dead.

I am in danger of getting into a rant, but what do you expect when the Indian prime minister is from amongst the Hindu terrorists who killed their national ‘father’ Gandhi, to wit one Mr. Narendra Modi of Muslim genocide fame in Gujarat? Isn’t it obvious that this ‘great’ country has been hijacked by Hindu terrorism? So much for ‘democracy’ and the ‘largest democracy in the world’! If this mutilated British parliamentary system is ‘democracy’, God help those who practice it because of a lingering colonized mindset.

Why? India is a large country with a huge population, boasts the oldest religion in the world and belongs to one of the ancient civilizations. It is tremendously endowed with an increasingly well-trained human resource base. It has made strides in medicine and in nuclear capability as well. It has a huge film industry. And it has a pretty good cricket team to boot. Yet it has an acute inferiority complex, feeling threatened by all and sundry.

That’s what caused our foreign ministers’ meeting to be suddenly switched off by India and then begin saber rattling. So much for the US State Department’s initial positive response to the news of the never-never meeting. I hope that now Imran Khan and the US realize what a difficult brat India is. It needs a baby sitter who gives it the occasional spanking.

So why has India become a purveyor of discord and disharmony, fitna and fasad? The problem is the giant’s midget mentality that causes it to have an acute inferiority complex, which comes from over a millennia of rule by foreign conquerors and occupiers, mainly Muslim and also British who fought fearsome battles by Indian freedom fighters in 1857 and with other would-be European colonizers, its breakup in 1947 when freedom brought with it the bitter harvest of the formation of Pakistan carved out of India. Now do you understand why India always wants to prove that its national manhood is alive and kicking after so much conquest and loot of its wealth by so many. British plunder went beyond credulity. Brit’s economic ‘success’ was a result of the massive plunder of India. India’s GDP was around 25 percent of global GDP when the British occupied it; it had fallen to one percent by the time the Brits were thrown out, leaving behind a fearsome legacy of colonial damage. Why do you think I am writing this in English? Because I belong to that Macaulay manufactured Indian-Pakistani class who is “English in every respect except the colour of their skins” — the classic brown sahib, Frantz Fanon’s Black Skin White Mask who he called “Wretched of the Earth”. India’s Muslim conquerors, has at the same time led to a superiority complex in Pakistan, much reflected in our poetry, for instance. Unless the two countries cure themselves of their complexes they are in danger of facing a sorry future.

Prime Minister Imran Khan rightly felt that being in the same place at the same time at the UNGA in New York provided an opportunity to start the thawing process.

This inferiority complex has caused the Indian army chief to make irresponsible statements, akin to the wails of an impotent man, that he will inflict “surgical strikes” and cause pain to Pakistan. So you’ve become a man, have you old Bipin? Well done. You still haven’t learned that winning the peace is a greater achievement than winning a war for in winning peace you are “blessed as a peacemaker who will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven” as God has promised in the Bible. The Quran says much the same thing; obviously for the word ‘Islam’ means peace. It is the same in Judaism and many other, if not all, faiths. Once people like Pippin — sorry Bipin — realize this Kashmir will be at peace. Kashmir has suffered enough: how much more human blood do you wish to drink, Bipin? What does the UN report on Indian Occupied Kashmir say? It is certainly not to India’s advantage. The graveyards of the world are full of Pippins and Modis who think that power is permanent, not ephemeral? GROW UP. Your reverse colonization of Kashmiri Muslims will not wash away history.

There are many other things that bother India, which I will only mention for I am in danger of running out of space.

Hindu extremists have hijacked the Indian government while Modi wishes
to desperately win elections next year. His incredible corruption like in the French jet fighter deal in which India’s prime minister-in-waiting Rahul Gandhi who says, “India’s guardian has turned out to be a thief.”

Under Imran Khan Pakistan is coming out of international isolation. Saudi Arabia is committed to helping Pakistan escape the jaws of indebtedness. It’s joining the CPEC, and a China-Pakistan-Saudi axis is in the making. If Russia comes into it, it will become a fearsome China-Pakistan-Saudi-Russia axis. Iran and Turkey will follow. CPEC will come to fruition and will change the course of history to India and America’s disadvantage if they continue acting in the same vein.

Then there is Pakistan’s improving relations with Iran and its economy likely showing signs of coming out of the doldrums. The moment we threw out corruption, our civil-military relations started coming on one page. Now there are more than rumours that India is making a massive military buildup along the Line of Control in Kashmir. No worry. What sort of a fight could India’s badly fed occupying soldiers in Kashmir put up? Their morale is subterranean. Why, Indian soldiers and officers in Kashmir are committing suicide while more are deserting.

Worse, India knows that it has all but lost it genocidal war in Kashmir. The bigger fear is that a Kashmir after victory would act as a great catalyst to the many other freedom struggles in India. Then India would more-or-less return to its pre-British equilibrium sans Pakistan and Bangladesh and eventually a confederation might come into being, as it more-or-less was before the British takeover.