Indian Army major booked on charge of raping maidservant

  • Widow accuses army officer of threatening to kill her, her son as well

NEW DELHI: An Indian Army major has been booked on the charge of raping his domestic helper in the Delhi Cantonment area, the Indo-Asian News Service quoted the police as saying.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Devender Arya said that the case was registered under the Indian Penal Code after the army officer’s housemaid, a widow hailing from Gunnaur in Uttar Pradesh, got recorded her statement with the police.

She said that the army officer and his brother-in-law were involved in the killing of her husband. She accused the major of threatening to kill her and her son as well. “I am poor and uneducated. That is why nobody is helping me,” she said in the first information report (FIR).

The housemaid had been staying at the servant’s quarters in the Delhi Cantonment along with her husband for the last three months. The two used to do cleaning and cooking work at the major’s house in the area. “I was cleaning the house on July 12 while my husband was watering the plants,” she shared the incident.

“He (major) sent my husband away and called me to his room. When I refused, he slapped me and forcibly took me there,” the complainant said. She said that when her husband returned to the major’s residence, he saw the officer sexually assaulting her, following which the officer beat him up.

Later, he allegedly told the police that the woman’s husband had hanged himself and got a fake suicide case registered. She also said that she was not allowed to visit her quarters to collect her clothes and other belongings.